Change is good

I have spent part of this evening upgrading my computer’s OS because it was time to change. The decision to move to a newer OS was not taken lightly as I was comfortable with what I had. Questions were numerous. What would happen to my files if I changed the system? Would I be able to find all of the programs I had before? As I sit waiting to complete the transfer of files from the old system to the new, I have come to realize that these are the same questions I asked myself as a teacher, and that I am sure many other teachers ask (and are afraid to answer) each year.
Certainly there are somethings that I cannot lose, like photos of my family, but there are many more which I probably should delete. Some o the programs are also not really needed anymore. When moved from the classroom to administration in June 2011, I was forced to address the files and resources I had accumulated over time. Having moved school twice before I was ready to ditch somethings, but I really had to face the fact that some if the things I had kept had almost no value beyond the sentimental. Teachers too often hold on to things because they just might need it again. I was (am?) just that teacher. Really, I should have applied the rules of one of those home reno shows — if I haven’t used it in a year then out it goes.
During the State if the Union (#SOTU) address this evening there was a brief exchange about the colour of ties being worn by the President, the Vice President, and the Speaker of the House. Being an English teacher, I commented to my wife on the symbolic effecting these powerful men wearing ties that were all the colour of spring; these are colours of renewal and rebirth. As schools across Ontario enter the second semester of what has been a different year, I hope more teachers take a moment to determine what needs to be kept and what needs to be pitched so that there classrooms and their practice can experience their own renewal.


About Chris Hale

Teacher, parent, husband, fan of tech in class. Have eventually become a runner.
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