Collaborative Lesson Creation

Today I joined some science teachers as they created a lesson as a team. This was the last gathering of this team after spending time together every two weeks when the team created lessons for an observed class, took part in a variety if PD session. During this session the team was creating a lesson on circuits and electronics. Through the discussion, the team moved from a very traditional lesson on circuits to a less traditional, and for some less controlled, lesson using snap circuits. As somebody who taught English and did not do very well in science as a student, it was fascinating to be part of the a process that had the teachers think about the lesson from the perspective if somebody who may know nothing about circuits and will initially learn through playing. By thinking about how to give up some control, the teachers were taking their lessons to a new realm for student success success.

Through the lesson that was planned together, these teachers will expect students to engage in inquiry based learning, critical thinking, observation, reflection, and activated prior knowledge. It was a pleasure to be part of this process.


About Chris Hale

Teacher, parent, husband, fan of tech in class. Have eventually become a runner.
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