Don’t need permission to let myself unwind

I’m sitting in my office surrounded by paper, lots of paper, listening to music on my iPhone (random play so it’s jumped around from Metric, Tommy Guerro, BB King, Attack in Black, and David Myles — right now it’s “Stayin’ Alive”), and I’m watching a number of students come back from some field trips.  We had a group out camping for 3 days, twenty students were on a photography field trip in downtown Ottawa and Gatineau Park, and our soccer team was just heading to a game.  People often complain that school has become about prepping for the tests, and that there is no fun anymore.  Based on what I’ve seen lately, I don’t think that is true.

Given the right opportunities, our students, and our teachers, are having a lot of fun at school.  They don’t always get to choose the fun stuff, but it is there for the taking/sharing.

[thanks to David Myle’s song “Simple Pleasures” for the blog title inspiration]


About Chris Hale

Teacher, parent, husband, fan of tech in class. Have eventually become a runner.
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