#EdCamp Learning

Today as I watch my son in his weekly para-dressage lesson, there are dedicated teachers in various cities, like Ottawa, taking part in EdCamp learning opportunities. While I can’t attend, I can follow the back channel Twitter feeds. I think it is fantastic that there are teachers and administrators (who we should remember are teachers) taking the opportunity presented to learn from their peers an engage in conversations about teaching and learning. These teachers are not, as some have suggested, working for free. They are showing that they are life long learned. As an administrator I have heard countless times that there isn’t enough time to have these conversations. Well those teachers who take the time to organize and participate in EdCamps are voting either feet. They are making it work because they know it is important to continue to learn, and that means we learn on our own time. And as somebody who can’t attend EdCamp, I’m appreciative of the people who post to social media so I can follow along and learn in my free time.

Kudos to all those attending #EdCampOttawa and EdCamps everywhere. Thank you for taking time to learn and share.


About Chris Hale

Teacher, parent, husband, fan of tech in class. Have eventually become a runner.
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